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(Taken from "The Prophet and The Wind")

"There are many that never meet love even though they imagine the features of a loved one imprinted on their hearts. They are the ones that waste their best years in fruitless longing.
It was not in dreaming that they erred, but in having dreamed too little. They sketched the features using only the colors that they knew and not the many nuances they could have gathered.
They are unaware that the dreams that Life holds for them are bigger than their own imaginings.
A great portion of your inner self is not the longing for a twin soul. It is the better part of you that you banish to the bottom of your heart not allowing it to flourish, while cradling the alibi of a missed encounter.
You then look at faces that you don’t recognize because they are not molded to the profiles you have drawn.
For Life does not create merely to sustain your dreams. Likewise you were not given two eyes so that they could reflect each other but both look in the same direction thus magnifying the images you perceive.
Understand this and you will find not only what you seek but also what you never sought.

Once you have achieved this end, harbor no doubts.
For if you doubt that it is Love, it is no longer Love. Do not premeditate your every step, for if you do, it is no longer Love.
Do not lean all your weight on your loved one, but tread as lightly as a ray of sunlight on a leaf and, like a leaf, accept the ray of sunlight that will warm you in return.
Dry your tears and without fear give this light to your heart and this warmth to your soul.
Remain vigil against illusions! Remember that though light and warmth emanate from the Sun, they are not the Sun itself.
Don’t weigh down your loved one with all your longing; for others cannot contain your sorrows just as you are incapable of containing theirs.
Don’t base your judgement of others on things they cannot have or you will end up criticizing yourself.
Yet all of this alone is not Love.
Don’t try to be one within the other, but walk side by side, holding hands.
Don’t chain your beloved to the center of your heart, but chain yourself to the center of your loved one’s heart for therein lies your own, and together you will find the center of the universe.
You will be subjected to many trials and often pride will ask to be chosen instead of Love.
Do not refuse to fight these battles for they are the most necessary for your inner self.
If you win, you will be victorious.
If you fight well, sharpen your heart, and lose, you will still be victorious.

When time leads you to decide to unite your two lives forever, you will achieve higher heights, but also the hardship of unpondered pitfalls. Often all your dreams will be shattered.
It is then that you will be able to unfurl the full length of your wings.
Don’t curse events since it is your own hand that is resting on the helm of your destiny.
If, by leaving your loved one, you break the vase, your roots will not find new strength. For indeed it was the container that prevented their withering.
When you feel unloved, you will say: Love is finished. Precisely at that moment it is about to flourish. Because the value of the Captain lies in his ability to sail even against the wind.
When sensations cease, you will say: I no longer Love.
You shouldn’t confuse Love with mere sensations. Because the value of the Captain lies also in his ability to sail through areas where there is no wind in his quest for other gales.
Therefore be faithful, since in infidelity you double and quadruple yourself. It is already difficult to live one life. How could you live two or four of them?
If you split a blossom in half, you will not have two flowers, but none.
In the search for new joys, you will instead find sufferings larger than those to which you turn your back.
Therefore turn your vision towards the one that waits. Do not say: "you don’t love me", but rather: "I don’t know how to love you".
Your Love will then descend and envelope your loved one.
Hasten to lift your vision to the virtues of your loved one because you have allowed time to pass without truly knowing each other. For if you could enter, and if you truly want to you can, into the mind of your loved one and together examine the book of your life, you will find the beauty of the pages already written and the beauty of those that are still blank.
Remember that your heart holds an inexhaustible Wind that, if freed, would know how to really Love not only your companion but also others. Through your loved one, you would reach out to the entire world.
Together soar like seagulls in this flight. Do not content yourself with small risks, accept both great joys and great sorrows.
Lift your mind and believe, for if you give this kind of Love, you will be like two spokes that meet at the center of a wheel and together roll over the road of Life".

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