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("The Prophet and The Wind")

"Perfection is not unreachable or reserved to a few. It is the seventh passage that awaits everyone.

Often you will not be able to find the road that leads to your internal Perfection because you don’t comprehend it. You don’t comprehend it because it is too obvious.

You stumble around in the dark looking for the key that will open your door, while the key is already in your hand.

Many people wear down their nails and hands to climb internal mountains and, if upon reaching the top, they do not find Perfection waiting for them, they roll down the other side of the cliff to the bottom.

Perfection is not at the summit of a hill. You cannot say: by climbing I will find it.

Shy away from complications and mental strains for Perfection is not the same as perfectionism. You can’t create Perfection: it passes through you but you do not generate it.

Place your hands and nails on the rocks but only to remove them from your heart. Remove as many as necessary to make room for Love

Do not be afraid to undertake this endeavor for the Wind will be on your side, helping you. Perfection is like the breeze that blows from the East. Sometimes it caressed your face and you did not accept it.

Small things distract you for years and it takes years to realize that they were indeed small. It takes years before you realize that they were not what you were truly seeking.

At such times, Perfection becomes a difficult task!

It becomes harder to achieve because you refuse to let go of your miserable hold and look for a ledge to support you. This effort not only weakens you but, with time, causes the ledge to break loose.

This happens because you do not abandon yourself or because have confused abandonment with giving up.

The first one carries you away on the flow of the river of Life and you must only hold your helm steady.

The second follows the river of your passions, the helm is free to turn in any direction as if you had surrendered, resigning yourself to passive submission. In other words, you would let life lead you instead of you leading a Life.

Left to your own devices, you would never reach Perfection for you don’t have enough self-love to give yourself its happiness.

Turn around and look at Perfection in its eyes.

Don’t ask yourself how long it takes to reach Perfection for if you truly look straight into its eyes it will take less than for a seed to sprout, less than for a flower to bloom.

If you knew how close it is, your joy would be immense.

Unburden yourself of your ballast to discover your weightlessness.

There is nothing hidden, nothing magical in this effort. The only extraordinary thing will be your return to the state in which you were when created by nature.

Be, however, careful for, in this life, Perfection can be lost in an instant.

Who can tell you if, once hidden from its eyes, you will need a thousand days to regain it?

If you fall don’t wait for the right Wind to regain altitude. Regain altitude and you will find the right Wind.

Lift yourself to your heights, even if they are not yours.

Rediscover Hope and do not fear other falls, but never forget your total incapacity to fly.

Have faith, because you are not reposing it in yourself.

Perfection has already been achieved.

Now allow Perfection to reach you.".

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